BASIR MAHMOOD, Moon-Sighting

The exhibition I watch you do brings together works across Basir Mahmood’s practice, highlighting themes of cinema, labour and performance throughout his intimate meditations on the social, political and aesthetic structure of daily life. Communicating with participants and audience through the camera, Mahmood adopts the role of an observer to catalyse complex productions that respond within their parameters to the artist’s narrative prompts. The results lie between staged scenes and spontaneous documentation, interrogating the conditions of their own creation. I watch you do tracks Mahmood’s strategies evolve beyond image-making toward an integration of the visual experience. Recent works including all voices are mine (2018), which reimagines the declining Lollywood of Mahmood’s native Pakistan, sit alongside the earlier granular focus of works like Manmade(2010) that watches a man put on a three-piece suit for the first time. Mahmood will present the lecture-performance Moon-sighting, merging anecdotes of making work in Lollywood with screenings from his oeuvre and Pakistani cinematic history.



Tue May 14

Lecture / Moon-sighting (EN) / 20:00

Lecture : 8/6 € – Tickets

Supported by the National Lottery players & Brussels Region