The exhibition I watch you do brings together works across Basir Mahmood’s practice, highlighting themes of cinema, labour and performance throughout his intimate meditations on the social, political and aesthetic structure of daily life.

Fascinated by the socio-political and aesthetic structures of daily life, Mahmood began as a self-trained sculptor, transitioning to video and using cinematic strategies to study the interplay of labor, identity and performativity. Initially working with participants by filming wage-laborers for their usual rate of pay, Mahmood has gone on to collaborate with luggage porters, fishermen, actors and filmmakers, among others, in their professional contexts as well as their intimate moments. The bodies, behaviors and histories of the participants construct Mahmood’s works as they react to and expand upon his inquiries, which both seek the truth of a context and willfully complicate it. (video / sound)

Mahmood will present the lecture-performance moon-sighting, merging anecdotes of making work in Lollywood with screenings from his oeuvre and Pakistani cinematic history.





Thu May 9
Vernissage / 19:00

Fri May 10 – Sun June 02
Exhibition / 14:00-20:00

Tue May 14
Lecture / moon-sighting (EN) / 20:00 

An exhibition of: Basir Mahmood
Curated by: Lauren Wetmore
Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Cinema Galeries

Cinema Galeries

Vernissage / Exhibition: Free admission
Lecture 8/6€ – Tickets