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As part of Stellar Swamp 2017

In the context of a new collaboration with Cinema Galeries, the Stellar Swamp team has offered The Castle – Brussels Collective to seize the walls of the cinema’s legendary undergrounds with a collaborative exhibition around the thematic “Danse du Vide” (Dancing of Void).

Void refers to the cosmos, the great stellar cold and the mineral. it conveys the idea of vertigo and the immensity of the outside world. But void also applies to the inner world: the meditative kind, that which is prerequired for trance, the effort of concentration, the disconnection which allows another sensation in motion, a psychedelic dance.

A dozen artists have met around the theme to develop a multiple view with different artistic forms: Plexiglas sculptures, screenings and text overlays, work on the concept of dialogue, chaotic video glitch, and large drawings, which will be displayed through the arched caves of Galeries Cinema.

In the spring of 2016, the Castle Collective has also kicked off a collaborative Fanzine, the paper extension of their bi-monthly Cabaret. This self-financed fanzine walks in the long path of musical, literary and artistic fanzines: An essential medium in the evolution of alternative and psychedelic music scenes in the past 60 years thanks to its synergetic nature: spontaneous, direct, impertinent and escaping any form of censorship. With the third edition of Stellar Swamp, a dedicated fanzine will be created to complete the work of the collective displayed in the exhibition.


From 01/03 < 05/03 / Free entrance
Exhibition opening: 01/03 / 19h30

Website: www.stellarswamp.be