The international film festival for young audiences Filem’on is holding his 12th edition this year from 24 october unti 3 november 2018. During 10 days, we’ll be showing unique films to schools, families and associations in various theatres and cultural houses of Brussels. More than 130 films, in all formats and of all genres, for children and teens between 2 and 16, will be programmed in our competition.

Like every year, some of the directors are presenting their movies to the public, in the theatre. Words will be the main theme of this edition, with digital and analog workshops, visual performances and film classics programmed around it. Step into our time machine, and enter a world of magic lanterns and talking animals. Discover virtual nostalgia, and much more.


School Sessions:
25.10 Dikkertje Dap, Animated Shorts: Animals, Musical Shorts
26.10  Dikkertje Dap

28.10 The War Game (KRIG)
29.10 Pony And Birdboy, Beyond Borders Stories Of Freedom & Friendship
30.10 Matti & Sami And The Three Biggest Mistakes In The Universe, Tiny Heroes, Vitello (+ Meet &                  Greet with the Director), Cadavre Exquis
31.10 Monky, The Witch Hunters (+ Meet & Greet with the Director), Captain Morten And The Spider                Queen
01.11  Zoo
02.11  Workshop: How To Make “How To” Videos, The War Game (KRIG), Dutch Docs
03.11 The War Game (KRIG), Award Ceremony