Korean Short Film Today


directed by LEE Nayeon, CHO Minjae (2020, 30 min, Drama)

The different perspectives on the labor of people who come and go to Myeongseon’s sewing factory in Changsin-dong hover around. As Myeongseon’s old neighbor Hyun eventually leaves Changsin-dong, Myeongseon is lost in thought.

WALKING BEHIND directed by BANG Sungjun (2020, 33 min, Drama)

One day, Siheon is approached by a visitor from Japan by the name Ryota who asks Siheon to join her to find their mother’s jewelry. With the help of Yejin who can speak a little Japanese, their search for the treasure begins.

réalisé par JEONG Dahee (2020, 11 min, Animation)

In the space of 10 minutes, the African baobab tree grows 0.008mm, the fastest dog in the world, the Greyhound, can run 12km, and the Earth travels 18,000km around the Sun. “Movements” is a 10-minute animated film that I drew at a rate of 2 seconds of animation per day. We are all walking, seeing, working, running, and stopping together.

THE END OF THE UNIVERSE réalisé par HAN Byung-a (2020, 10 min, Animation), Première Internationale

The doctor asked the protagonist who is a terminally ill patient with a time limit. What are you going to say to your children? Only obvious answers came to her mind but then suddenly thought of a word. ‘Walk’. On her way back home, the people she encounters show her other answers.

  • CATEGORY : Korean Cinema Today
  • VERSION : Originale
  • COUNTRY : South Korea
  • PLACE : Cinema Galeries
  • PRICE : 8€(at Cinema Galeries / +0,50c online) / 6€ (at Cinema Galeries) / UGC Unlimited (at Cinema Galeries) / Art 27 (at Cinema Galeries)