“An extraordinary experience, the work of the Argentine Mariano Llinás […] is an abundant, unpredictable and impossible to summarize fresco, driven solely by the pleasure of fiction.” – Libération ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

After selections at the Locarno, Toronto and Rotterdam festivals, La Flor is certainly the most important and successful Argentine film project in recent years.



“1:30 pm, six stories, four parts, this is the great film adventure of 2019.La Libre

“La flor” robs the cinema in six episodes. Each episode corresponds to a cinematographic genre. The first is a B series, as the Americans used to do. The second is a musical melodrama with a touch of mystery. The third is a spy movie. The fourth is a mise en abyme of cinema. The fifth one revisits an old French film. The sixth one talks about captive women in the 19th century.

These six episodes, these six genres have only one thing in common: their four actresses. From one episode to another, La flor radically changes universe and each actress moves from one world to another, from one fiction to another, from one job to another. It is the actresses who advance the story, it is they too that as the film unfolds, it reveals itself.

DIRECTED BY: Mariano Llinás
DURATION: 814 minutes divided into four parts
TYPE: Fiction
RELEASE: 10, 07, 24 & 31.07



Galerie de la Reine 26
1000 Bruxelles

8,50€, 6,50€, UGC Unlimited, Art27