Our tickets are on sale only on site, without reservation, except for the action “J’peux pas, j’ai cinéma” and special events (previews, festivals, …) for which an online ticket service is open.

J’peux pas, j’ai cinéma : 1 €
(obligatory reservation / info & booking )

Full Price : 8,50 €

Studio/Salle 3 : 6,50 €

Reduced Price : 6,5 €

European Disability Card
Carte CJP
Senior (+ de 65 years)
Student (of all ages)
Children (- de 18 years)
Groups (at least 10 seats)


Cards and special tickets

Article 27 : 1,25 €
5 places card : 30 euros
Price with the “Académie André Delvaux” card : 7€
UGC Unlimited card accepted (only the Belgian one)


Exhibition (du Cinema Galeries): free


Conditions : 3€ for 3 parking hours, after 18h (week, on Sunday and Holydays) for the cinema’s customers. (Only accepted at La Monnaie Parking)




J’peux pas, j’ai cinéma
5x cards
Académie André Delvaux
Carte UGC Unlimited


Une opération du Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Comment ca marche?
Afin de permettre au plus grand nombre de profiter de cette opération et de bénéficier de places à 1€, la procédure se fait en 3 temps:

Postulez pour la séance de votre choix
Choisissez, à l’aide des filtres, la séance à laquelle vous souhaitez assister. Il est possible de postuler pour plusieurs séances. Pour chaque séance, vous pouvez postuler pour 2 tickets maximum et jusqu’à 4 pour les films familiaux. Afin de valider votre souhait, identifiez-vous en indiquant votre nom et votre adresse mail. Lors des souhaits suivants, connectez-vous avec votre adresse mail et votre mot de passe.

Recevez la confirmation par mail
Quelques secondes après avoir confirmé votre souhait, vous recevez un mail qui vous confirme, ou non, l’obtention de votre/vos place(s). Vous avez alors 24h pour confirmer votre intérêt et passer à la dernière étape!

Payez un euro pour confirmer
Pour confirmer définitivement votre/vos place(s), vous payez 1€ par place à l’aide du module de paiement en ligne 100 % sécurisé.

Si vous avez encore des questions, contactez-nous!

À bientôt dans les salles obscures et n’oubliez pas:
cet été, j’peux pas, j’ai cinéma!

Carte 5 places

Choose the 5-places card and benefit from the preferential rate of 6€ per session. The card is unlimited in time and non-nominative: invite your friends and family for a low price!

* 30€
* 5 places
* Non-nominative
* Unlimited in time

Conditions of use : Valid everyday, for all the screenings, except exception during particular events or festivals clearly indicated on our site. Available online and on site.

European Youth Card – EYCA


The European Youth Card is a member of the EYCA association, supported by the Council of Europe, Erasmus+ and many other European partners. Its main objective for almost 30 years has been to promote mobility and exchanges for young people across Europe.


Through discounts in areas as diverse as transport, sport, culture and leisure, the card enables young people from all backgrounds to discover new activities, to move, to get information, in France and throughout Europe. There is only one criterion for obtaining this card: to be between 12 and 30 years old. The card is valid for 1 year, costs only 5 euros and offers more than 60,000 benefits in the 35 countries of the programme.


EYCA card holders benefit from the reduced rate at the Cinema Galeries. Under 30 and no CJP pass yet? Find out more and buy it by clicking here, and for €5 per year and take advantage of the discount.

Académie André Delvaux card


Considered throughout the world as a reference, French-speaking Belgian cinema is strangely underestimated here. This is due to a lack of exposure and an image that does not correspond to the diversity of the production. In reality: although the Belgian public does not necessarily denigrate its cinema, it knows it rather little. A few intrepid professionals, associations and journalists, however, have never spared their efforts to introduce our films to the public. In spite of this, their visibility often remains too low…


It is in response to this paradox that the Académie André Delvaux was born in 2010, named (with the agreement of Catherine Delvaux, his daughter) after one of the greatest directors in the history of Belgian cinema. Its main project is the organisation of the Cinema Magritte Ceremony.


Académie André Delvaux members benefit from the 7 euro rate at the Cinema Galeries. Read more by clicking here and become a membre by clicking here.

UGC Unlimited Card


Do you own a UGC unlimited card ? We accept the card (only the Belgian one!). The idea is to welcome customers who didn’t come here and to make discover and enjoy Cinema Galeries! But, you should know that with one ticket taken with the card, Cinema Galeries (as well as the movie distributors with which we systematically share the takings) gets less money.