Un pays qui se tient sage, en ligne

This Sunday 28 February at 18:00
“Ciné-rencontre” followed by a conversation with David Dufresne, director, Jennifer Gay, interpreter, Manon Kerjean, founder of Lost in Frenchlation, Bertrand Faivre, producer

In French with English subtitles.
prix : 6 euros


David Dufresne delivers a powerful documentary dissecting the current philosophy behind law enforcement and questioning the legitimacy of the disproportionate use of violence.

In the fall of 2018, a spontaneous and non-aligned social movement that continues to this day emerges in France: the Yellow Vests movement, which takes up many social demands and initiates many actions and demonstrations on a national scale, during which violent confrontations between demonstrators and police forces are recurring and are widely covered on the social web through videos captured by citizens or journalists. A public debate then arises on the use of violence by the police and on the right to film and publish images of state representatives. It is in this context that David Dufresne confronts demonstrators, police officers and academics with images of police violence and collects their reactions.