A contemporary Greek tragedy of parental sin and its inherited consequences.


In the sunbaked coastline of a Dobrogea village, locals are preparing for the traditional harvest festival celebrations and the upcoming wedding of young lovers Dita and Dionis. Yet the autumnal bloom of their romance will be cut short by the arrival of Sabina, Dita’s mother, recently released from a psychiatric ward after a debilitating breakdown. Her presence will usher in a wind of portent fury aimed at the adulterous liaison between her husband and Dionis’ mother, a buried past that will unearth shocking revelations and tragic consequences for all involved.

Screened for the first time internationally since its release, Virgo is an overlooked gem by one of the most prolific and versatile Romanian auteurs, Manole Marcus. Working within a mythical symbolistic register, yet simultaneously grounding the film in the multi-ethnic Dobrogea region (and its customs), Marcus delivers a contemporary Greek tragedy of parental sin and its inherited consequences. Complemented by cinematographer Alexandru Întrsureanu’s colour-coded arresting visuals and Tiberiu Olah’s haunting score, Virgo harnesses the geographical psychology of De Sica’s LA TERRA TREME and filters it through Zeffirelli’s melodrama to deliver one of the most unique works of Romanian cinema.

ORIGINAL TITLE : Zodia Fecioarei
DIRECTOR: Manole Marcus
YEAR: 1967

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